Create and Develop Your Academy with Zamn 🎥 [Recorded] | أكاديمية زامن

Create and Develop Your Academy with Zamn 🎥 [Recorded]

Step by step for beginners
## **{blue}(Course Summary:)** The goal of the course is going on an complementary educational trip to be able of lunching educational academy on zamn platform step by step on the best way. ### {blue}(What will we learn:) -The first moves of creating an academy. -Specification the identity in the major tap of the academy. -Identification the domain and how to make it specific. -The most important steps to create a training course. -the sorts of content that the platform provides. -How to create attending certification for the course.
online through zamn the platform
Training type
Free upon completion of the course

فهرس الدورة

Lunching a professional platform
Starting steps
Create your own academy
The control board in the academy
Customizing the home page
Academy logo and cover image
Header and footer of the main page
Colors and fonts in academy
Adding a custom domain
Customizing the domain
Reserving a custom domain
Linking with a custom domain
Congratulations The first stage is over
you are ready to establish the academy.
Creating professional courses
How to get started
Creating training courses
Course Control Panel
Course index
Types of content in the course
Markdown textual content
Embedding Links
Images, Files, and Audio
Vimeo Video
Live broadcast
Course Details
How to complete the Target/lesson
self evaluation (Take quiz)
Creating a Test
survey\Submit a form
Create Certificate
Course Test
The test